Saha Group Joins Forces with Tokyu and Dusit Thani to Transform Rama 3

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Saha Group, Tokyu, Dusit Thani team up for Rama 3

Saha Group has announced a strategic partnership with Tokyu Corporation and Dusit Thani to develop the Rama 3 area into a "Community of Kindness" through luxury real estate projects. The collaboration aims to enhance the quality of life in the area with residential, commercial, and hospitality developments.

Key Takeaways

  • Saha Group partners with Tokyu Corporation and Dusit Thani.
  • Focus on developing Rama 3 into a "Community of Kindness."
  • Projects include KingsQuare Residence and Dusit Suites Kingsquare Bangkok.
  • Total investment value is nearly 10 billion baht.

Transforming Rama 3

Saha Group envisions transforming the Rama 3 area into a desirable living space under the "Community of Kindness" concept. The goal is to create a well-rounded environment with residential areas, condominiums, community malls, schools, and workplaces to attract a diverse population. This vision led to the partnership with Tokyu Corporation to develop the luxury condominium project "KingsQuare Residence," which began construction in September 2023.

Collaboration with Tokyu Corporation

Tokyu Corporation, a leading urban and real estate developer in Japan, brings extensive experience in residential, commercial, hotel, and office projects. They have been partners with Saha Group since 2014, initially developing rental housing for Japanese residents in Si Racha, Chonburi. After studying potential projects in the Rama 3 area, they saw an opportunity to meet the demand near King’s College International School Bangkok, leading to the development of KingsQuare Residence and Dusit Suites Kingsquare Bangkok.

Dusit Thani’s Role

Dusit Thani, a leading hospitality and tourism business in Southeast Asia, will bring its expertise in hospitality management to the projects. The collaboration includes the development of "Dusit Suites Kingsquare Bangkok," which will serve as both serviced apartments and a hotel. The design blends Thai aesthetics with contemporary elements, and Dusit Thani will handle hospitality management. The total investment value for the entire project is nearly 10 billion baht.

Future Prospects

Both Saha Group and Tokyu Corporation are confident that this collaboration will achieve its goals. The projects aim to cater to both Thai and international customers, providing exceptional experiences and services. With confidence in Thailand’s potential as a top tourist destination, Dusit Thani aims to create world-class hotels offering unique services with Thai cultural charm.


The partnership between Saha Group, Tokyu Corporation, and Dusit Thani marks a significant step in transforming the Rama 3 area into a "Community of Kindness." With a focus on luxury real estate projects, the collaboration aims to enhance the quality of life and attract a diverse population to the area.


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