Cannabis and Beer Blamed for Chinese Tourists’ Lewd Act in Chiang Mai University

Chinese tourists misbehaving at Chiang Mai University campus

A scandalous incident involving a Chinese tourist couple engaging in inappropriate sexual activity in broad daylight at Chiang Mai University has been attributed to the influence of alcohol and cannabis. The couple, a 27-year-old Chinese man and a 22-year-old Hong Kong woman, were found intoxicated and unable to control their actions.

Key Takeaways

  • Incident occurred in a Chiang Mai University parking lot.
  • The couple had consumed cannabis and a large amount of beer.
  • The woman became intoxicated and initiated the lewd act.
  • Security guards and police intervened and took the couple to the hospital.
  • No formal complaint was filed by the university.

Incident Details

On July 6, Tourist Police officer Lt. Col. Awirut Sukyam and his team investigated the incident involving the two young tourists. The male tourist revealed that around noon on July 4, he and his girlfriend had smoked cannabis and consumed a large amount of beer. This led to his girlfriend becoming intoxicated and unable to control herself.

She then removed his shirt and all of her own clothes. Despite his attempts to stop her, security guards and police arrived and took them to Maharaj Hospital for treatment and blood tests, which detected alcohol in their system.

Public Reaction

A food vendor near the incident site reported that around 5 PM on July 4, the two Chinese tourists ordered food and ate under a tree near the parking lot. For unknown reasons, they moved near a pile of dirt where the woman removed all her clothes and attempted to remove the man’s clothes, leaving him in just shorts.

The woman then had the man lie down and she sat on top of him, all in full view of passersby and students. This led people to alert security guards and police. Cloths and umbrellas were used to cover them, they were given clothes to wear, and then taken to the hospital.

Police Response

The police revealed that since the university, which owns the property, did not file a complaint against the two tourists, the Tourist Police would keep their information on record as persons of interest before releasing them.


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